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Our Production Selection

Our Production Selection

KERTECH™ Multi Purpose Tray Bundle

Easily set up a grilling, drink, or prep station wherever you go, from the beach to the campground to the sandbar. Our multi-purpose tray sets up in minutes with the in-ground anchor, or mount the unit to your deck or dock with our patent-pending KerHitch.


The secret to our system starts here. The KERHitch #R007 mounts to the majority of pontoon boat styles and allows you to easily change to any KERTECH™ component. 


Easily attach any KERTECH™ components with the KERHitch designed for your boat. The #R002 side mount version is ideal for Godfrey’s Sweetwater pontoon boat line.

KERTECH™ Knuckle

KERTECH™ Knuckle can be easily used for pole mounting and tray assembly.

KERTECH™ Flag Bracket

Quickly attach a standard 1″ diameter flag pole to your boat, dock, or seawall when you combine the KERTECH™ Flag Bracket with your KERHitch #R002 or #R007. KERHitch sold separately.

KERTECH™ Rod Anchor Holder

Keep your boat stable in shallow water with the KERTECH™ Rod Anchor Holder.